About Christine

At 17 years old Christine started her Chiropractic journey, first as a client. Having suffered from debilitating migraines for most of her childhood, her high school sweetheart (Dr. Dyllon!) started to volunteer his time at their local Chiropractor's office so Christine could start receiving care. 

As they both witnessed her healing, it not only reinforced Dr. Dyllon's dream of pursuing a career in Chiropractic, but ignited a fire within Christine to also serve humanity through the vehicle of this profession. 

She started working in that same Chiropractic office she initially received care at, and then transitioned out to the California Bay Area to work for The Source Chiropractic. After three years of contributing to that office, training staff, and expanding into a leader for the front office teams of The Source Franchise, she and Dr. Dyllon made their way back to the sunshine state to open their very own Source Chiropractic. 

Growing up in West Palm, and having spent time all over Florida, there was just something special about St. Pete that felt like the perfect location for them to plant roots, raise a family, and contribute to the community through Chiropractic. 

Christine's unshakeable purpose statement is to create a container of love and peace that holds space for others to authentically express themselves without fear or shame. And she definitely achieves this through her bright smile and warm heart!